Photo [IMG_0491] of Talybont Reservoir
Photo [IMG_0766] of Llanishen Reservoir
Photo [IMG_0778] of Llanishen Reservoir
Photo [IMG_0856] of Llyn Efyrnwy
Photo [IMG_0857] of Llyn Efyrnwy
Photo [IMG_0873] of Llyn Efyrnwy
Llyn Alaw in Anglesey

Llyn Alaw

Llyn Alaw (Lily Lake) is a man-made reservoir that supplies the drinking water to most of Anglesey at a rate of 35 million litres a day.

Created in 1966, it spans almost 3 miles (4.8km) long with a depth of 5.2 meters (17 ft) and covers an area of approximately 315 hectares.

Llyn Alaw is ideal for picnics, fishing, walking, bird watching and wildlife. It is also the starting point of a popular cycling trail in Anglesey.

Wildlife includes wildfowl and common terns along with owls, bats and tits. Warblers can be found in the summer months and can be seen to be feeding on insects. Flocks of linnets and other fetches have also been seen feeding on the grass and flower seeds.

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