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Rosebush Reservoir in Pembrokeshire

Rosebush Reservoir

Work began in 1929 and was for the construction of the Milford Haven Reservoir at Rosebush.

The contractors were Messers Forthergill Brothers of Exeter and employed a local workforce of about 80 men.

Local stone was used, the waterside wall and the outer wall were lined with concrete blocks while the inner part liquid cement and large stones.

Work had to stop in 1931 when work had to stop due to a geological fissure was discovered under the site, at a cost of £100 a geologist was called to assess this. in the end all was ok.

The construction was complete and the reservoir opened in 1932 after it took several months to fill.

Some years later the height was increased.

The cost of construction was £100.000 When built it covered an area of just over 200 acres and in accordance with terms of the order 40.000 gallons of compensating water is allowed to flow down the valley for use by the occupiers of the land.

The reservoir is built upon a beauty spot that was called Syfran Falls.

Details kindly submitted by Simon Smith

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