Photo [IMG_0616] of Caban-Coch Reservoir
Photo [IMG_0623] of Caban-Coch Reservoir
Photo [IMG_0393] of Llyn Clywedog
Photo [IMG_0487] of Llwyn-Onn Reservoir
Photo [IMG_0783] of Llanishen Reservoir
Photo [IMG_0866] of Llyn Efyrnwy
Llyn Clywedog in Powys

Llyn Clywedog

Llyn Clywedog was created in the mid-1960s to control the flow of water into the River Severn, preventing flooding in winter and supplying a regular supply in the summer.

It is the tallest concrete dam in the UK with a height of 72 meters (236 ft), a length of 230 meters (750ft), and a maximum depth of 65 meters (216ft). It supplies Birmingham and the Midlands with 50 billion litres of water.

It holds back 11,000 million gallons of water (equivalent to 264 billion glasses of water) and stretches a distance of six miles (9.7km) with a surface area of over 615 acres (equivalent to 230 football pitches).

Llyn Clywedog provides an ideal habitat for countless varieties of wildlife. Red kites and buzzards are the most common to be seen. Peregrine falcon and osprey have also been spotted.

Goosander, teal and great crested grebe are common on the water. Flocks of long tailed tits as well as bullfinches, pied flycatchers and stonechat can be seen in the sessile oak woodland and the open hillsides.

In the summer months, butterflies are abundant. In the autumn, the woodland and lakeside are covered with the vibrant colours that emanate from the rich array of fungi.

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